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Thanks for the purchase. Can you let me know which version you'd like please?

Can you give me any advice. I am trying to take off the GRY front bumper to fit a mesh grill, I have a fixing stopping it coming away where it joins the top of the front wing under the headlight. I have two fixings removed from that area (blue plastic and a push centre fixing) but there is something else that I can not see how to release.
Any help or guidance would be fantastic
Hi everyone, new member here. I drove the GR for the first time on Thursday. Wow. I had to place an order...so excited, what a car!! Unfortunately looks like a long wait, May 2022 at the earliest until delivery. Hopefully will go and have some track fun.
Hi every body looking forward to getting my Gr in June 2021 any body else in Essex got there’s yet?
May 19th, Stansted(y)
That’s great news. What colour is yours? Will
you use it for general driving to and from work? Or going to the track days?